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No, It Can't Be! by Mewmew34
No, It Can't Be!
Yeah, she looks pretty creepy.  Hopefully she'll look a bit less creepy when I color this.  This is Emi's reaction to a particular event on Fishman Island when she thinks Brook has been killed.  Luckily she finds out he's OK before she has a breakdown.  Overall I'm pretty happy with how her hands turned out, considering how bad I am at hands, but I still wish they looked a bit different.  I meant to take a picture of myself with my hands over my mouth like that, and then because I'm stupid I forgot before leaving the house to go draw at Starbucks for a while, and didn't want to wait until I could try taking the picture later.
Blizzard Slice - So Cool! by Mewmew34
Blizzard Slice - So Cool!
Brook turned out pretty nice, chibi Emi looks like crap. XD

I watched some gameplay footage of the Pirate Warriors 2 game with Post-Timeskip Brook, and he just looks so amazingly awesome when he does the Song of Scratches - Blizzard Slice move in that game.  I figure this would be Emi's reaction to seeing him perform that move for the first time.  The typical stars for eyes "That's so cool!" that you usually see from Usopp, Luffy, and Chopper. ^_^  Considering this was pretty much my reaction, it makes sense it would be Emi's as well. :p


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Favourite cartoon character: Queen Serenity: Usagi's Mother, Beruche
Stumbled across a 30-day challenge for One Piece, and have decided I'm going to slowly work on doing the various themes in it.  There will be a bit of a twist, though, as images will include my One Piece OC, whenever fitting, as if she were an actual character involved in the series.  No idea how long it will take me to finish this, what with me having still not finished any of the OTP challenges I started, but oh well. :p  It's nice having something like this to jump-start an idea in my head, even if it then takes me forever to actually draw it.

30 Day One Piece Challenge:
• Day 1: Favorite Straw Hat member
• Day 2: Favorite villain
• Day 3: The Going merry
• Day 4: Favorite male character
• Day 5: Favorite female character
• Day 6: Favorite background story
• Day 7: Favorite temporary straw hat or teammate
• Day 8: Strawhat pirates
• Day 9: Favourite island visited
• Day 10: The Thousand Sunny Go
• Day 11: Favourite devil's fruit ability
• Day 12: Favourite marine
• Day 13: Favorite Tearjerker scene in One Piece
• Day 14: Favourite pairing (or your OTP)
• Day 15: Favourite running joke or gag
• Day 16: Favourite One Piece outfit (worn by any female character)
• Day 17: Favourite One Piece outfit (worn by any male character)
• Day 18: A particular scene in Skypiea   
• Day 19: A particular scene in Alabasta  
• Day 20: Favourite Baroque works member
• Day 21: A particular scene in the Judiciary Island
• Day 22: Favourite CP9 member
• Day 23: A particular scene in Thriller Bark  
• Day 24: A particular scene in Impel Down
• Day 25: A particular scene in Marineford
• Day 26: The Supernovas
• Day 27: The Shichibukai
• Day 28: The Whitebeard Pirates
• Day 29: Favorite One Piece movie
• Day 30: Why do you love One Piece?

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