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Talked to my mom last night, and it's highly likely that my grandfather, who recently went to the hospital, isn't going to be coming home this time.  It's not really unexpected given the health problems he's had the last few years, but that doesn't exactly make it much easier to deal with.  On top of that, I can't even make the trip home right now to say my goodbyes, and even if I could he likely wouldn't know I was there.  :(

  If anybody is willing to draw stuff to help cheer me up it would be appreciated.  I have a few OCxCanon pairings from various animated shows you can see in my gallery to consider, or you can just draw whatever comes to mind.
The Risky Trio by Mewmew34
The Risky Trio
Emi singing with the Risky Brothers during the days-long party at the end of Thriller Bark.  Emi spends much of the party hanging out with them and Brook, enjoying all the music, and by the end the Risky Brothers have named her an honorary Risky Sister.

I may come back to this one later.  I didn't attempt any shading on the Risky Brothers.  I also had to photoshop the left brother a little.  They both have odd skin tones and I don't have the proper colors in my current set of pencils.  I tried to make his skin tone by using a couple different colors, but he still wound up being too dark-skinned and generally weird looking, so I tweaked his colors to better match his proper skin tone.

Really wish I could draw better without references, too.  The Risky Brothers line art came out pretty damn awesome, due to having a screenshot to copy their poses from.  I had no good references for that look to use for Emi, so I had to wing it and she just came out looking really odd.
Chanel Valentine Date by Mewmew34
Chanel Valentine Date
This isPinkkie's OC, Chanel, drawn up for a One Piece OC's blind date thing for Valentine's day. ^_^  Participants were given someone else's OC to draw, and write a compliment about, and then they would be paired up by the hosts of the exchange.  Chanel is the first thing I drew in my new sketchbook, and she's also the very first pic I colored with my new Prismacolor pencils, the first time I've ever owned a set of those.  Been so impatient to be able to post this up, but now I finally can since the pairings have been revealed by the exchange hosts.


Artist | Hobbyist | Photography
United States
Favourite cartoon character: Queen Serenity: Usagi's Mother, Beruche
A love-related challenge by Soniclifetime Yeah yeah, I know.  Another challenge I'll never finish.  Don't care. :p  I'll be using a mix of my various OCs and their significant others for this one.  Emi and Brook, Ameli and Krillin, Kitanya and Murderface, and Nurash-Milah and Angrenor Once-Honored will all make appearances by the time I finish this.  Assuming I ever actually finish this.  Might even throw in a couple I've never drawn before, from back in my RP days in the old Brak's Chat.

1. Introduction
2. Just love
3. Favorite love
4. Funny love
5. Teasing love
6. Crazy love
7. Strange love
8. Mysterious love
9. Flowers love
10. Sweet love
11. Cute love
12. Adorable love
13. Impossible love
14. True love
15. Just us...
16. Light and Darkness
17. Day and Night
18. Promise...
19. Morning kiss
20. Sleeping on you...
21. I'm you...
22. Spring
23. Summer
24. Fall
25. Winter
26. Flowers's Festival
27. Christmas
28. Valentines's Day
29. Pervert !
30. In the snow...
31. In the water
32. I'll come back, I promise...
33. Teamwork
34. Watching over him...
35. Watching over her...
36. I'll protect you !
37. Please...Wake up...
38. Caring you...
39. Passion...
40. Together...
41. True love never die !
42. Power of love
43. Wild love
44. Gentle hug
45. Innocent love
46. An overbearing love
47. I love you...
48. Love hypnotist
49. Because of you...
50. You're everything I have...
51. I'll never let you go...
52. On tiptoe...
53. Eye to eye...
54. Back to back...
55. Hand in hand...
56. Forehead against forehead...
57. Kisses
58. Fantasy...
59. Marry me...
60. Forever...
61. Dancing...
62. Escape for love...
63. Honeymoon...
64. Together, for ever...
65. Mood swings
66. A new life in design
67. Preparing for baby's arrival
68. The baby's coming !!!
69. Family 3...
70. Mom and her little angel ...
71. Dad and his little pride ...
72. Time natural breast ...
73. Paternal awkward moment ...
74. You and I, under the tree...
75. Tight hug...
76. Seduction
77. Romantic bath time Romantic Bath - Emi and Brook
78. Magical love
79. Beautiful love
80. I'll save you !
81. A reassuring smell...
82. A avenging love !
83. An iron love...
84. Love hurts ...
85. A sincere love...
86. I can't stop thinking of you...
87. True love's kiss...
88. Saving my hero...
89. Shy love
90. Guardian Angel...
91. Pure anger...
92. I've always cared for you...
93. This is for you...
94. My dearest...
95. I'm sorry...
96. Secret love
97. Warm feeling
98. With you...
99. Waithing for you...
100.Eternal love

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