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Happy birthday, Hatchi-chan! by Mewmew34
Happy birthday, Hatchi-chan!
I'm a couple days late getting this posted here to DA.  I had it done and posted to a few other places on his birthday this past Saturday, but forgot about here.

A little something I did for Hatchi's birthday.  This is he and Emi's reunion during the lead-up to Sabaody Archipelago.  With as sweet as he's shown to be, I figure he would have done his best to cheer Emi up when she was forced into Arlong's crew as a child, and he would have been a big brother or father figure to her as she grew up, making them pretty close.  After the events of Cocoyashi Village/Arlong Park, he assumed the worst when she wasn't captured by the marines with the rest of Arlong's crew.  Later when the Straw Hats help save him from Duval and Macro's team, he's very relieved to see she's alive, and surprised to find her a member of the Straw Hats, considering her role in Nami's troubles over the years.

Overall I'm pretty happy with how this turned out.  Messed up a couple spots a little when trying to ink this, and there's my usual lack of skills issues, but overall not bad.  I was going to color this before posting it for his birthday, but decided to wait until I can afford a larger set of colored pencils.  I don't have enough different shades of pink and don't have the skills to try and make the colors I need via coloring techniques yet.
New OC concept. by Mewmew34
New OC concept.
A few really crappily drawn possibilities for a new OC I'm working on, taken with my camera because I was too lazy to move stuff off my scanner.  It also has a few possible names at the top, and I'm currently leaning towards Kiyoko as her real name.  Also leaning towards the bottom right option as her hairstyle.  I still need to decide the rest of her outfit, though.

This in-the-works character is a (former) member of Baroque Works.  Promoted from the Billions after Vivi and Igaram are revealed as spies, she goes by the codename Miss Happy Easter.  She is sent to Alabasta, where she becomes my other OC, Emi's, opponent as Baroque Works attempts to stop the Straw Hats from ending the rebellion.  She's defeated, and is sent to Impel Down, where she will have some role in helping Luffy in his attempts to rescue Ace.  I don't know the details of that just now.  I need to rewatch Impel Down and Marineford again and get some ideas.

I don't have too many details set in stone for this new OC yet.  I know she'll have black hair and blue eyes, and go by the codename Miss Happy Easter.  Her age will be somewhere in her late 30's, but I haven't decided on the exact number yet.  I also know that, for reasons I'll never understand, she's in love with Mr. 3.  This OC started after a vaguely One Piece-ish dream that ended with some random girl kissing Mr. 3.  My brain is seriously messed up. XD  I don't know that I'll do too much with her interest in Mr. 3.  Likely her actions will be led in part by her interest in him, but he won't return the affections, similar to Boa Hancock and Luffy, just far more toned down and subtle.

This new OC is also going to have a Zoan type devil fruit.  I've been deciding between a couple possible options, but I think I've decided on the Tori Tori no Mi: Model Chicken.  It fits fairly well with her BW codename, as well as being a bit silly like some of the other BW members, but it can still be a powerful form.  She would be able to have some deceptively powerful kicks with her chicken legs, clawing her opponents pretty badly.  She also would have a good bite via her beak, and she would have limited flight capabilities.  She wouldn't be able to soar through the air like Pell, but she would have brief flight during fights as well as slowing herself down when falling from a height.  When in full animal form, she would be very oversized compared to real chickens, and could carry someone on her back much like Karoo and the Super Sonic Duck Squadron.


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Favourite cartoon character: Queen Serenity: Usagi's Mother, Beruche
Yup. Yet another challenge.  I'll be able to go back to my weekly Starbucks visits to get drawing done pretty soon, so I'll be able to start posting up more stuff for all these challenges I keep starting.  This challenge is by TigerBites and should be a good way to help me get out of drawing Emi in the same thing all the time.  I'm adding a few points to this one, however, as the Film Z entry only comes up once, when the Straw Hats all have three outfits during the movie.

1. East Blue
2. Little Garden
3. Drum Island
4. Alabasta
5. Jaya
6. Skypeia
7. Davy Back
8. Water 7
9. Eneis Lobby
10. Thriller Bark
11. Spa Island
12. Sabaody Archipelago
13. Amazon Lily
14. Impel Down and Marineford
15. Fishman Island
16. Punk Hazard
17. Marine
18. World Noble
19. Strong World – Casual
20. Strong World – Formal
21. Film Z:
        Outfit 1:
        Outfit 2:
        Outfit 3:
22. Original Arc
23. Typical Home Island Outfit
24. Mermaid
25. Fishman/Fishwoman
26. Stereotypical Pirate Wear
27. Steampunk
28. Holiday (Choose the major holiday of whatever month it is)
29. Cosplay
30. Favorite Crew

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